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Years of history

Facing redundancy can be a challenging experience, and it’s crucial to have expert legal advice to navigate this process. At Hibberts Solicitors, our employment law solicitors specialise in providing compassionate and professional guidance through the redundancy process. Whether you are an employer managing redundancies or an employee affected by them, our team ensures that all procedures are handled fairly and in compliance with UK employment laws.

Our services include advising on the legal requirements for fair redundancy procedures, negotiating redundancy packages, and representing clients in disputes and employment tribunals. We understand the importance of clear communication and compassionate legal support during these times. Our goal is to make the redundancy process as smooth and fair as possible, minimising stress and maximising outcomes for our clients.

At Hibberts Solicitors, we are committed to delivering practical solutions and ensuring that all legal actions are conducted in compliance with the latest employment laws. Whether you’re seeking guidance on drafting redundancy notices, calculating entitlements, or legal representation, we are here to provide expert assistance tailored to your specific needs. Our approach is always personal, professional, and practical, aimed at providing the best possible advice and support to our clients during times of change.

Contact our head of employment Camille Renaudon today on 01270 215117 or email cvr@hibberts.com for an initial discussion about redundancy.


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