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Restrictive Covenants

Employment Law


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Years of history

Many contracts of employment contain restrictive covenants or post-termination restrictions which are when an employer tries to put in place clauses which will restrict the activities of an employee after the relationship ends.

They are often in contracts of employment for managers or senior staff but we are increasingly seeing them in contracts for more junior members of staff too.

We are usually asked to provide this advice either when you have received a job offer and are considering your new contract of employment, when you are considering giving notice and moving onto another role or if you have been offered an updated contract of employment that you have concerns about.

We regularly advise employees about whether or not such clauses are likely to be valid or enforceable and suggest amendments to them which could prove acceptable to both parties.

For more information regarding Restrictive Covenants contact our specialist employment solicitor Camille Renaudon on 01270 215117 or email cvr@hibberts.com


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