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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Hibberts offer a comprehensive and professional service when it comes to wills, probate and tax planning.Our specialist team provides expert advice on wills and probate matters, inheritance tax planning and trust funds.Why do I need to make a will?Do you know that most people die “intestate”, meaning they never actually made a will? This means that in effect, they are leaving the law to sort out their affairs when they die – a task to which it is poorly suited.The estate is distributed according to set rules, without any regard for what might have been intended. At worst, this could mean loved ones receiving nothing and long-forgotten relations receiving all.Wills do not take long to prepare and they are inexpensive. The benefits, both financial and emotional can be beyond measure. Making a will allows you to decide exactly what happens when you die.In many instances, a will can dramatically reduce...

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