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Disciplinary Proceedings

Matthew contacted Camille at Hibberts soon after he had gone off sick. Some months before, Matthew had been the subject of a complaint at work made by a colleague and an investigation had been started. The stress of it all had made him very unwell and when he confided in her a friend suggested he have a conversation with Camille, which he did.

First they had an initial telephone conversation and to make him feel more comfortable, his partner was on the call too. Camille put Matthew at ease, more so than another solicitor he had spoken to and he decided to instruct Hibberts. Once the formalities had been dealt with, Camille set to work looking through all of the documents that related to his case including the notes from the many meetings and the letters he had received from his employer. Matthew suspected his employer were not following the correct procedure and doing things correctly but they insisted that they were. Camille got to grips with the situation and then wrote letters back to the employer on his behalf which was a huge help, she also provided reassurance as to the position he was in and advice about next steps.

With Camille’s help, Matthew rebutted the complaints against him and the complaint did not progress to a formal hearing.

He realised that he would find it very difficult to go back to work and therefore the Hibberts employment team negotiated a settlement package for him and his employment ended via a confidential settlement agreement. This package amounted to 11 months pay for him and meant that he had financial security and didn’t have to worry about rushing straight into the first job offer that came his way.

Settlement Agreement and Redundancy

Adam contacted Camille after he had been offered a settlement agreement at work as an alternative to redundancy. He first spoke to Danielle, Camille’s secretary and a file was...

Employment Law

Performance Management Proceedings

Lisa found the details of Camille at Hibberts LLP via a Google search done in a haze after coming out of a meeting with her boss where she was...

Employment Law