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Contracts of Employment and National Minimum Wage

Dawn runs a small café business with half a dozen staff. All had been fine for many years but of the blue she received a complaint from one of her employees about how much she was paying her and her holiday entitlement. Dawn tried to research the answers on the internet but got more & more confused, she also spoke to the Acas helpline. They recommended she get legal advice and she found details of Camille Renaudon at Hibberts LLP on the Law Society Find a Solicitor. Dawn sent an enquiry form via www.hibberts.com and Danielle, a secretary in the department, rang her the following morning.

Having done the necessary conflict check and opened a file, Danielle arranged for her to have a telephone meeting with Camille a few days later. Immediately she put her at ease. Camille provided straight-forward and practical advice about national minimum wage rates and holiday entitlement in a way Dawn could easily understand and she then drafted a template contract of employment for her which she then provided to her staff.

Dawn then reached an agreement with the employee who had complained. It was a huge weight off her mind knowing that her employee was now satisfied, that all her staff had contracts of employment and she knew who to call if ever she found herself in need of employment law advice in the future.

Disciplinary Proceedings

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Performance Management Proceedings

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Gross misconduct dismissal

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