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Settlement Agreement and Redundancy

Adam contacted Camille after he had been offered a settlement agreement at work as an alternative to redundancy. He first spoke to Danielle, Camille’s secretary and a file was set up and an appointment arranged promptly. Camille advised him upon the document in an appointment, after which he asked her to negotiate some parts of it.

The outcome was that the employer agreed to increase the tax-free termination payment offered by an extra 25%, they also agreed to release him from some of the restrictive covenants in his contract and lastly they agreed to increase their legal fee contribution slightly. Whilst this client did end up making a contribution towards his legal costs, the additional sums he received as a result of Camille’s negotiations were worth 10x his outlay.

Gross misconduct dismissal

Justin contacted Camille at Hibberts soon after he had received a disciplinary hearing invite letter from his employer. He had been subject to allegations of gross misconduct and an...

Employment Law

Disciplinary Proceedings

Matthew contacted Camille at Hibberts soon after he had gone off sick. Some months before, Matthew had been the subject of a complaint at work made by a colleague...

Employment Law